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Blue Rhythm Shuck Cancer
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Blue Rhythm brings everything special about the the Southern region of America, and then adds true elegance. An 11 piece band at it's core with 4 singers and 3 horns and scalable for any occasion.

Has the southern soul and grit ever been so perfectly integrated with polish? Blue Rhythm has truly bridged the idea of elegance, bringing the subtle nuances expected of an ultra luxury act. While never losing the "switch" that makes them, quite possibly, the top party band in the nation. They have backed up Ellie Goulding, performing with her some of her biggest hits for a Bride. Shared the stage with John Legend on a grand birthday celebration at the Breakers. They continue to catch the attention of the top of the event industry. The talent... undeniable and versatile. The approach is truly unique and built for the client who wants to walk away with a curated "concert feel" experience. Or an elevated and emotional musical journey that can move you without your guests ever leaving their seat. Be apart of the experience and find out what happens when you take all the best talent from the New Orleans region, and combine it with what translates to all levels of crowds, all over the world. 

In New Orleans, it's said what we do has never been seen before because of the "elevated" approach. Everywhere else, it's special because, well we are still New Orleans. 

Blue Rhythm's performance at Lauren Rosenblum's and Alston Lambert's wedding on May 29th was off the charts!

And Blue Rhythm's audience at our family's wedding has attended countless- and I mean countless- weddings around the country and around the world. Our guests came from across the United States and from four Continents and they were simply blown away by the music at both the ceremony and during the reception. 

Blue Rhythm's musicians played, performed and sang their hearts out. The band deftly felt out the vibe of the audience, picked up on their energy and soon the band and the crowd were feeding off of each other.

With our gratitude for an out-of-this world performance

-Katie Rosenblue


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