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GOT Groove Yomond wedding
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GOT Groove Band has the personalities that stick with you. A core of 9 pieces with 4 singers who's synergy is felt through any crowd, and horns totally engaged in the energy coming from the front line. 

Since GOT Groove Band's inception, they have been "different," and they had "it." People walked away feeling as if the band left a lifelong impression and that each experience was personalized, just by the way the entertainers in GOT Groove Band  involved themselves. Similar to the other ultra luxury Artists in Blue Earth, they have taken these factors that you can't teach, and applied an approach that translates to any level event. Their diversity as a unit touches every generation, with the ability to change the perception of even the most overplayed songs. 

With many of these world class players building their musical chops on the world famous Bourbon Street, they have grown to perform nearly all genres one would want to hear from a performance/show band at an exceptionally high level

GOT Groove was such a highlight of our night! The dance floor was packed all night long. After the wedding, they were all any of the guests could talk about. For us, they made everything easy, we literally just showed up! They did such a good job of matching the music to all the changing moods of the night doing everything from classic cocktail music and street jazz, to blues, modern hits and everything in between. What was also so special for us is they were able to expand and bring in a latin singer and percussionist which was a total hit for the blending of our families. Book em. You will NOT be disappointed!

-Ashley Gamarra - Bride


Venue: Il Mercato New Orleans

If you’re looking for a group of insanely talented individuals who will keep you on the dance floor all night, look no further! Book G.O.T. Groove now! The booking process and communication was fantastic from day one. Whenever James and I talk wedding memories with friends and family…even now over a month later…they still talk about these amazing performers. James and I were so excited to have GOT Groove on our wedding day team, and they truly brought the party and more! I witnessed friends and family on the dance floor ALL night that I never in my life would have expected to see dancing, my hubby included! We could relive our wedding reception over again a thousand times, and not change one thing about our experience with these performers. They truly put on a show and made every one of our family and friends feel like a part of it! Thanks GOT Groove!

Tori Heier- Bride

Planner: Uncommon Camellia

Venue: Pavillion of Two sisters New Orleans

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