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DJ King Lonz Anna Shackleford Photography

Mixing music is natural to the DJ's that we work alongside. To have the true elements of a Luxury Dj, you must understand the balance between engagement, and allowing the party to breathe. 

Blue Earth has the special privilege of being a musical partner with DJ King Lonz. His DJ prowess has had him featured in prestigious magazines, such as Vogue. He is quickly becoming one of the most sought after DJ/performers in the nation (and starting to be the world). He is also an exceptional musician with a giant personality that loves to bring joy through his art. King is quick to hop from behind the boards if the party calls for it and show  he's not only a top tier DJ, but a horn player, rapper, and vocalist! He is also responsible for many of Blue Earths incredible medleys. 

Want to add an extra element? Our DJ hybrid option is something that will truly open your eyes and ears. A new experience that is quickly catching on in the wedding industry, feel free to add vocals, horns, drums, violin, or any other instrument/combination of for a truly epic and unforgettable experience. 

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